We need your feedback

24 Aug 2020 12:26 PM | Shirish Chauhan (Administrator)

We would like your help. Since the Covid lockdown, we have all become familiar with Zoom, Teams, Goto etc and managing in a virtual environment. 

We have run a few webinars to help our members. These took effort from the volunteer chamber leadership team who were also managing challenges in their own businesses.  Unfortunately the take-up was poor.
There is a plethora of online events and so we decided to  piggy back on other events - especially Herts Chamber and WSI events.

We are keen to get engagement and increased participation. We have some suggestions which you might want us to pursue or suggest other ideas that might generate interest. Could you please respond with your preferences, comments and feedback. 

1.  Meetup in small groups of 4/5 at a pub with a garden.  We would not be able to mix the groups at an event but spend the evening with 3 or 4 other members for the evening. Clearly, we need to maintain all relevant Covid and social distancing guide lines. 

2. Virtual wine tasting. We could try to organise a virtual tasting with wines from our wine producing member. We could for example offer 3 wine packs and carry out a tasting of a wine once a week for 3 weeks. This can be done on a Zoom call from your home - so no concerns about having to drive!! 

3. On line business clinic. This is where an expert in a field offers a free 15/20 minute consultation to members e.g. I could offer a digital marking consultation,  John on accounting, Pete on Branding. Lots of our members have expertise from relocation to training and legal matters. If you let us know what service is of interest, we can make an expert  available. 

4. Online networking. We can have an Zoom call and introductions followed by the theme of discussion. We could also have a 15 minute member presentation slot which would then lead to discussion.  Contact details for attendees could then be shared. 

5 Suggest your own ideas and thoughts.

We would love to hear from you. This is your chamber so let us make it work for us. 

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